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SQLite Analyzer released !

  • ۰ Impoved query builder.

SQLite Analyzer released !

  • ۰ New visual query builder.
  • ۰ New "Data Editor" allow to use "WHERE... "LIMIT... OFFSET" clause.
  • ۰ Ability to view BLOB column as picture and as text.
  • ۰ Ability to load BLOB data from file or save to file and edit BLOB data.

SQLite Analyzer released !

  • ۰ Error "Cannot create form. No MDI forms are currently active."
  • ۰ Ability to import databases via OLE DB providers.

SQLite Analyzer released!

  • ۰ Design Table. You cannot change the name of a column repeatedly (Change name, save, change the name once again, save - an error will occur).
  • ۰ The Allow Nulls property couldn't be set correctly in the Column Properties window.
  • ۰ Autoincrement can be set for the Varchar field.
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StrongSearch is an effective and flexible LAN file search utility that produces exact matches to your search criteria quickly and reliably, regardless of the network size. This multi-threaded utility lets users set several masks at the same time and conduct multiple searches simultaneously. The other great features are hidden resources search, flexible domain search settings, and search result export options.

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SQLite Analyzer

Need a tool that would manage SQLite databases quickly and easily? SQLite Analyzer is the best Internet has to offer. This tool is a comprehensive SQLite database processor that allows editing or modifying SQLite tables visually without any risk of losing data. There are no table size restrictions! Add tree-like database structure display, syntax highlighting, instant script generation to understand why professionals choose SQLite Analyzer.

MariaDB vs MySQL

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