The extensive use of the «client-server» technology with databases made it a norm to use SQL for working with data stored in one file. Even for small local data processing tasks, software developers try to use the familiar language of working with databases. Especially for this particular use we have developed and now distribute the built-in SQLite server whose technical specifications contribute to the quick increase in its popularity.

The SQLite server is a library of functions that is built into an application. SQLite Analyzer is a tool for working with SQLite databases. It contains a graphical interface for administering SQLite databases as well as a convenient external SQL editor for creating and debugging SQL queries.

This guide is a manual for those who study and use the program SQLite Analyzer.

Purpose and features of SQLite Analyzer

Brief overview of SQLite

SQLite is an engine for working with databases using the languages of SQL queries. This engine is built into an application. It differs from most other SQL engines in how easy it is to administer, use, maintain and build it into large programs.

Features include:

For detailed information about SQLite, see

Purpose and features of the editor

The editor allows you to design and administer databases, create and debug

SQL queries.

Administering databases. SQLite Analyzer creates new databases and connects them to those already existing for you to quickly start working with them. The program has a tool for checking the integrity of connected databases.

Designing databases. The program features a graphical interface for creating tables, describing their structures, managing indexes, constraints, creating and debugging triggers.

Creating and debugging SQL queries. It has development tools allowing a software developer to create SQL queries, edit them and view their execution results.

Working directly with data. Working directly with databases including inputting information, extracting it from existing tables and views created for that.

SQLite Analyser features:

The editor works under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003.

Installing SQLite Analyzer

The entire distribution package of SQLite Analyzer consists of one executable file. To install the editor, just run this file and answer several questions. The installation process is standard for Windows operating systems. You should follow the instructions of the installation wizard after it is started.

Fig. 1.1. Installation wizard

Some problems may occur due to conflicts with active antivirus systems that are running during the installation. To avoid these conflicts, you should stop such systems for the time of installing SQLite Analyzer or unload them from the memory.

In case there are any problems, the installation wizard shows their cause (Fig. 1.2). Then you can either solve the problem or interrupt the installation process.

Fig. 1.2. Accidental reinstallation

SQLite Analyzer is not freeware. That is why you should pay special attention to the license terms.

If you agree with the license terms and conditions, you will have to register the program. To do it, after the trial period that may not be longer than 30 days, you must buy the program, get your registration key and enter it by clicking the «Enter S/N» button in the registration dialog box in Fig. 1.3.

Fig. 1.3. Registering the editor

While entering the Registration Name and Serial number, you should type all characters exactly the way they are given in the message you received after the registration request.

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